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Park Dental Center is different.  Our mission is to provide a warm supportive environment where our patients oral health goals can be achieved.  Our passion is helping people understand that dental health contributes to one's general health.  

We employ today's latest technologies to make your visit informative, comfortable and comprehensive.  We feel it is important to understand you, your needs and the desires you have for your mouth and health.  We think you will find our approach thoughtful and thorough, because we strive to allow our patients to feel comfortable to share their deepest dental concerns. Then, we are able to present choices for you to address those concerns in ways that will allow you to achieve optimal oral health.  

We hope you enjoy checking out our website, meeting our staff virtually, and will feel comfortable to make the call to experience a better dental environment.  Call us today to schedule an appointment and experience what sets us apart.







At our office, we use clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs® to ensure we are giving our patients the best oral health information possible. OralDNA Labs® is a specialty diagnostics company designed to provide reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that guide oral health professionals in detecting and prognosing disease at an earlier, more treatable stage.

We offer full-service dental care including general and cosmetic dentistry.

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  • Dr
    Linda M. Park, DDS

    I enjoy helping people feel confident about their smiles and realizing the impact their daily habits have on the stability of their mouths and overall health.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Dr. Parks and her team is amazing, compassionate and caring... always sees to your needs and tries to help in anyway, everything is done right in the office, no need to go anywhere else... thank you Dr. Park & Staff. xoxo"
    Avis Bowen
  • "We love Linda Park! She does an amazing job and her staff are just as great! They know our family and we always fee right at home there. We recently took in our two year old son for his first appointment and I could t be more thrilled with how well they did with him!"
    Heather Grace Terpenning
  • "Outstanding Dentist and Staff!!! Makes coming every 6 months easy to do. I recently had a cracked front tooth, they called me back first thing and got me right in to take care of it. I highly recommend Dr Linda Park!"
    Jim B.
  • "Love this dentist and the staff. The hours are weird as far as Thursday and Fridays but they are super friendly and Dr park is serious about helping save teeth. Shes the shit and very badass."
    Priscilla M.

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  • "Wellness is not a tagline, it’s a way of living that results in health and avoidance of disease. At Park Dental Wellness we have this discussion with our patients on a daily basis because we are passionate about their health. This starts with a thorough new patient exam that addresses all areas of health, because we know the mouth is a window to the entire body. If we are seeing inflammation in the mouth, we ask how did it get there and what is it a reflection of? When there is inflammation in the mouth, we know it is present in the body and is only a sign of an inflammatory process that exists in the body.
    We have several things to improve wellness at Park Dental Wellness; the Bemer, Juice Plus+, and education about nasal breathing, just to name a few. We are educated in several aspects for improving well-being."
  • "Dr. Park has been doing same day crowns with the Cerec System since 2006. Her experience combined with a passion for beautiful and lasting restorations and attention to detail, result in a smile our patients are well pleased with. Cerec crowns are strong and esthetic at the same time and are made while you wait in our comfortable environment. No temporaries, messy impressions or return visits, make Cerec an excellent choice for today’s busy lifestyle."
    Same Day Crowns
  • "Approximately 80% of the population is showing some signs of malocclusion or an incorrect bite with crooked teeth. Traditional orthodontics addresses this very effectively, but starts after 70-90% of growth in the child has already occurred. The system we use in our office allows us to address the cause of the malocclusion at a younger age, whether it be cranial strain, poor breathing, oral habits or the genetic environment. Usually a combination of these work together to cause a misaligned bite with crooked teeth. By retraining habits of breathing, tongue posture and swallowing, as well as addressing the cranial issues that may be present, we help the child develop to his or her intended potential. This allows for better health, beautiful faces and as a result, room for teeth aligned in the dental arches."
    Myofunctional Orthodontics
  • "Dr. Park has been using laser since 2009 because she understands the benefits laser dentistry has to offer. Our hygiene department uses the EpicX by Biolase laser to enhance our periodontal therapy and address minor soft tissue issues.
    Dr. Park uses the Biolase iPlus hard and soft tissue laser to do minor restorative (fillings) and some surgical procedures. Lasers are a very effective way to promote health and well-being for our patients."

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