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Taking a vested interest in your health is important not just for providing your smile with the proper care it needs but also making sure that when there is a problem that you are able to treat it right away. Here at Park Dental Wellness, our dental team practices wellness, which means providing our patients with the best care possible each and every time they walk through our doors to prevent disease.

We are passionate about the health of our patients and we engage in regular and active discussions with each of our patients to understand what they need from these routine checkups and dental visits in order to promote ideal health for the long term. After all, your oral health and general health are linked, so making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy can also play a role in your overall health.

When you come into our office for a checkup the first thing we will do is examine your mouth to look for warning signs of decay, gum disease, infection or oral cancer. Examining your mouth gives us an idea of your general health, as well. For example, if we spot inflammation within the gums we ask questions to help us pinpoint why it’s there and what we can do to treat it. After all, inflammation within the oral cavity can also mean inflammation somewhere else in the body. By reducing inflammation at your next dental visit we can also improve your overall health and wellbeing.

There are several other ways in which we promote wellness at our practice. We offer Bemer and Juice Plus+, as well as provide education and knowledge with regards to nasal breathing issues such as sleep apnea and snoring. Bemer, which stands for bio electro-magnetic energy regulation improves circulation and blood flow to promote faster healing. It also removes toxins and waste from the body while boosting the immune system. Bemer is beneficial for bone and wound healing, as well as post-surgical recovery. Therefore, patients who’ve just undergone bone grafting, dental implants or other dental procedures could benefit from Bemer.

Juice Plus+ is a line of supplements that helps people get more fruits, vegetables and healthy grains into their diets to promote better health. Since they are made from over 30 different fruits and vegetables they provide you with vitamins and nutrients that you need for good oral and general health. These vitamins can help reduce inflammation to also reduce your risk for gum disease, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Find out more about these products and other wellness offerings we provide our patients.

If you are interested in wellness dental care and how it could benefit your smile then call Park Dental Wellness today. Call our Flint, MI dental office at (810) 742-5140 today!

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