Teeth Cleaning

Dentist Flint, MI

Dental cleanings are the most basic of our services, but the most important. Maintaining your teeth not only boosts your confidence, but keeps your general health in check as well. Without routine check-ups and dental cleanings from an experienced dentist Flint MI, you increase your risk for gum disease, cavities, discolored teeth and other painful dental maladies.

During your dental cleaning, the hygienist will use an ultrasonic instrument to remove the plaque and tartar that have built up above and below your gum line through high-speed vibrations. Once the larger pieces have been removed, the dental hygienist will use fine hand scaling instruments to remove the smaller pieces until your tooth is perfectly smooth. The teeth will then be polished with a prophylaxis paste, leaving them sparkly and smooth. The smoothed and polished surface of your teeth will also make it more difficult for food debris to become attached, lessening your chances of getting cavities (so long as you maintain proper dental hygiene such as flossing and brushing).

Dental cleanings usually last about 30 to 60 minutes and should be repeated every six months. To schedule your dental cleaning and , call the dental professionals at Park Dental Center today!