Digital Radiography

As a leader in the dental industry, Park Dental Center employs digital radiography allowing our patients to receive the most innovative dental care possible! Digital radiography helps our technicians identify dental conditions that are difficult or impossible to detect with the naked eye. This means that dental conditions that are not yet visible can be identified and treated before it becomes a serious issue!

How are digital xrays better than traditional xrays?
Digital radiography allows your dentist Burton MI and patient to see what is going on inside the mouth in real time. Another benefit over x-rays, is the decreased exposure to radiation. Digital radiography reduces your exposure between 60 to 80 percent. This advanced technology is also far more inexpensive, as there is no longer a need for expensive equipment associated with x-rays or the cost of developing x-rays, record-keeping and filing. Your dental records will now be stored on a computer and retrievable at any moment!

How can digital radiography benefit me as a patient?
Digital radiography gives Dr. Park a better and more accurate view of your tooth, the bones and the gum tissues. Having a more adequate view of what’s going on inside your mouth allows the dentist to make a faster and more precise diagnosis of conditions that may not have been as detectable with standard x-rays. By offering our patients digital radiography, we’re offering them a higher quality of care!