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Same Day Crowns Burton & Flint, MI

Cerec is a technology that has made great advances for dentistry and patient comfort. Our practice is one of the very few dentists in Flint MI that provides this service; only about 10% of practices in the country have this technology. It is the lastest step in digital dentistry that makes your dental experience faster and more accurate than ever before. Using the Cerec Bluecam, we take 3D pictures that produce a razor-sharp image of your prepared tooth. Then the computer takes the image and designs a tooth that is biogenerically fit only to your bite.

Then the information is wirelessly transmitted to our milling unit where the crown is milled out of a block of porcelain. The crown is then tried in the mouth and then placed in an oven to be glazed for a final finish before placing it in your mouth permanently. All this takes place in one visit. What this means for you is no messy impressions, no temporary that you have to worry about for 2 weeks and no return visit for cementation of the crown!

This streamlining of the crown procedure is something that makes a much more pleasant experience out of a crown procedure. And because they are all ceramic crowns, there is no black line at the gumline making for a very esthetic crown that is extremely strong and durable.

Same Day Crowns Burton & Flint, MI

Interested in same day crowns? Get more information today by calling Park Dental Wellness serving Burton and Flint MI today! Call our Dental office at (810) 742-5140 today!

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