Are you missing teeth?
Missing teeth can have a negative impact on not only your smile, but how you feel about your smile and your overall appearance. Additionally, they can have a detrimental effect on your entire dental structure. The teeth close to and around the gap will begin to shift inward, creating a plethora of additional dental problems. The surrounding teeth will use their neighbors for support and with one missing, they will all begin to “fall.” As the teeth shift more and more, your bite will change in response to the pressure, resulting in problems with your jaw, such as Temporal Mandibular Jaw Disorder (TMJ).

Fill in the gaps!
If you want to avoid dental problems, it is important to see your Flint dentist as soon as you loose a tooth. Bridges are one of the best responses to a missing tooth. We use porcelain fused to metal alloy or all ceramic material to replace the missing tooth. Using the neighboring teeth for support, the bridge will also support the other teeth by keeping them from shifting inward. The kind of material that will be used is based on the location of the missing teeth in the mouth, so we can provide the strongest and best option for tooth replacement.

What are the dental advantages of a bridge?
Bridges serve several dental advantages; perhaps the most important is preventing tooth decay. Bridges also prevent shifting teeth and gum disease. Having a perfectly healthy mouth full of beautiful teeth will give you a confidence-building smile! Park Dental Center has the dental expertise to help you maintain that luminous smile!