Braces are often thought of as being uncomfortable, but with the advances in dental technology, braces are now designed to be easy to wear and virtually unnoticeable!

Who is the ideal candidate for braces?
Braces are not just for young people. Dentist Flint MI patients of any age group can be a candidate for braces if he or she has crooked or protruding teeth, teeth that have grown too close together or have wide gaps in between. Typically younger patients get fitted for braces as they begin puberty to manipulate the teeth during this growing spurt. The younger you are when you get braces, the less likely you will have cosmetic dental problems in the future.

If you are an older patient, don’t feel embarrassed if you need braces. More people are getting braces because problems with alignment or placement issues can impact dental hygiene. Since your facial bones are full grown, the period of time it takes to correct the problem may take a bit longer, but the process is completely the same as with our younger patients. Braces can help you feel more confident about your smile, and correct any problems you have with eating or talking.

Braces consist of brackets and arch wires that are made of metal, ceramic or composite. They vary in shape and color; in fact, some braces are completely clear making them virtually invisible. The arch wires are attached to the brackets. This slowly manipulates the teeth into the correct position. Although this sounds painful, and in the past has been, the newer wires are more flexible and make the procedure much more comfortable.