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Discover the Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Get your cracked or damaged tooth fixed in just one appointment.

From crunching down on hard candy to getting hit in the face while playing sports, there are many reasons for a broken or damaged tooth. To prevent further damage to a tooth, a dental crown is often placed. While it traditionally took two separate dental visits, scheduled weeks apart, in order to get your crown, these days, our Flint, MI, family dentists can give you a brand new dental crown in just a single visit with CEREC technology.

Here are some of the obvious and maybe not-so-obvious benefits of receiving same-day crowns:

You’re in-and-out in one visit

We’re all about saving our patients time whenever possible. With same-day crowns, you won’t need to come back to the office to have your crown placed because it can be placed on the very same day that your tooth is prepped and your crown is made. If you’re worried that you just don’t have time to get your teeth the care they need, think again.

No messy impressions

If you’ve ever needed to get a crown in the past, then you probably remember those awkward, messy molds that your dentist had to take. Well, with CEREC technology, you won’t need these messy molds anymore. A special handheld device will capture precise images of your teeth that are then uploaded into 3D images on a computer that our Flint, MI, dentist will use to map out your crown’s design and size. These measurements are more precise than traditional molds, ensuring that your crown fits perfectly over the tooth.

A realistic restoration

Another important component, and maybe the most important component, is to create a restoration that is as lifelike and natural as possible. This means creating a crown that doesn’t just fit the tooth but also blends right in with the rest of your smile. We will match the porcelain to your natural teeth before placing it in the milling station, where the machine will chisel out your crown from this porcelain block.

Bye bye, temporary crowns

Another drawback to traditional crowns is that it takes weeks to get your permanent restoration. This means that for the 3-4 weeks that it takes a dental lab to create your crown you will have to wear a bulky, one-size-fits-most temporary crown that isn’t tailor-made to fit your smile. Temporary crowns aren’t built to last, so during those 3-4 weeks, wearing a temporary crown could prove challenging especially when eating or talking. Since CEREC crowns are made and placed in the same day, you won’t ever have to worry about a temporary crown, only a perfectly fitted permanent crown every time.

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Do you want to learn more about same-day crowns and how they could improve the health and appearance of your smile? If so, call Park Dental Wellness in Flint, MI, today at (810) 742-5140.

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