Bite Guards

Many of our patients experience jaw discomfort, headaches, neck stiffness and dental problems due to teeth grinding. This phenomenon occurs for many reasons, but most people tend to clench their jaws at night while asleep, causing the slow and steady grinding that can cause your teeth to crack and/or break. For these patients, we recommend dental bite guards. Bite guards also benefit those individuals who suffer from Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder, otherwise known as TMJ.

Bite Guards for Teeth Grinding

Stress and tension are the most common reasons people grind their teeth. Although most teeth grinding occurs at night, some people find themselves clenching their teeth even during the day. Dental bite guards are typically worn at night while you sleep, but if grinding is a problem during the day, the bite guard may be worn as needed. Although the bite guards will protect your teeth, you need to discover the root of your tension and help lower your stress level. Your heart and mind, in addition to your teeth, will benefit greatly.

Teeth grinding may also occur as a result of a misaligned bite or crooked or missing teeth. These are dental issues that can be fixed by the expert dental specialists at Park Dental Center.

Bite Guards for TMJ Disorder

TMJ affects approximately 10 million people. In addition to having a negative effect on your teeth, TMJ can also result in headaches, vision impairments and hearing problems. If your TMJ is minor and does not require surgery, our dental professionals will recommend a custom-designed bite guard to help ease the stress of your jaw muscles and decrease the frequency of teeth grinding. Some people buy over-the-counter mouth guards, but these do not fit properly and may lead to other dental problems. Let the dental experts at Park Dental Center help ease your TMJ with a specialized bite guard.